Nina Bernardin

I am a data-driven thinker, story-teller and strategist with a strong background in financial analysis, writing, verbal communication, operations management and branding.  I’m an avid learner passionate about optimization, building brands with purpose and translating numbers into strategic action.

My career has taken me from multi-national conglomerates like General Electric to small start-ups like Conscious Company Media. At Conscious Company, I’ve worn many hats including that of the marketing strategist, the podcast manager, the pricing analyst, the operations manager, the web designer and even a content creator.  Before Conscious Company, I honed my skill as an analyst, my presentation skills and my ability to quickly learn on the job in GE’s rigorous financial management program (*FMP) across the Appliances, Power, and Oil & Gas Businesses.

In my spare time, I write, run, volunteer as the Impact Track Lead for Boulder Startup Week, and mentor at the StartingBloc Institute where I coach social entrepreneurs on how to apply rapid prototyping and design thinking principles to their projects.  But often you’ll find me spending time with my 2 nephews, exploring the outdoors, or listening to live music.

Top Strengths: Woo | Ideation | Positivity | Communication | Restorative | Strategic

Specialities:   Telling the Story | Financial and Operations Analysis & Modeling | Rapid-Learning

I worked and lived in Europe, South Africa, and across North America including Bloomington (IN), Louisville (KY), Houston (TX), Oklahoma City (OK), Minden (NV), and Sarasota (FL). I’m currently based in Denver, Colorado.

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